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Food Photography Backdrops You Already Have

Backdrops that are FREE! Don’t go out and buy a ton of expensive set equipment straight off the bat, I’ll show you how to find food photography backdrops you already have in your own house. One of the biggest stresses for me when I was first starting out was feeling like I didn’t have the money to create great food photography but with a little ingenuity I found a way to style my photos that was creative and affordable.

Since everything I used as a backdrop in this video I already had in my house I didn’t have to spend a dime. So I hope you enjoy the video guys! Lots of super cheap and affordable ways to create food photography backgrounds and backdrops which I hope you try out. Please note that some of the photos which I just pulled off my website look a bit grainy on when you’re watching on full screen mode but I was too lazy to go find them on my other computer.