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Microgreens. What Are They and How do You Use Them?

Today I’m talking about micro greens, what they are, how to use them and why use them. I love using micro greens as a garnish of course but you can also use them as salad green or flavourful addition to things like bruschetta, tapas and other dishes. Essentially the possibilities are endless because there are so many varieties. They add great height, colour and texture to food but depending on the type of green you purchase, for example arugula, cilantro, basil, radish or mustard micro greens all lend different flavour profiles.

My next reason for using micro greens instead of other traditional salad greens (if the dish would work with micro greens instead of course) I like to use micro greens because the ones I get are sourced from a local farm that focuses on sustainable growing practices. They concentrate on creating local jobs, paying their workers a living wage and are doing a number of other really cool things, i’m not sponsored or anything I just think they are a great company doing awesome things so check out their link here Greenbelt Microgreens:… If I can sub in micro greens instead of regular store bought lettuce then I try to because I like supporting local businesses and especially companies like Greenbelt Microgreens that focuses on making the world and our community a better place. Lastly, micro greens are super easy to grow. I grew some last year and am planning on growing some again this spring. If you’d like to see a video on this then just let me down below.