Purple Sweet Potato Powder

Beautiful, naturally purple sweet potato powder is simple to make and looks beautiful on plates, added into doughs or stirred into desserts to give the a beautiful vibrant purple colour.


  • purple sweet potatoes, peeled and diced


  • Boil purple sweet potatoes until soft
  • Mash potatoes until smooth
  • Smooth a thin layer of potato onto lined dehydrator sheets then dehydrate until crisp
  • Blitz the shards of purple sweet potato until it turns into a powder. Store in a cool dry place.



Found some purple sweet potatoes at the grocery store the other day so I wanted to do something cool with them. I also recently got a dehydrator so had to put that to use :p This purple sweet potato powder is super easy to make and mostly involves inactive cooking. Once you've blitzed it up, store it in a cool dry place for up to a month. Use it for plating, as a natural purple food colouring in pasta and bread doughs, as a colourant in desserts, creams, fillings, icings, ice creams etc. I used small stokes purple sweet potatoes but if you can somehow get your hands on ube the same technique would work.

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