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Rice Chip Tuiles

Rice Chip Tuile

Crispy rice chips. An awesome way to use up leftover rice.
Course Garnish


  • I had some leftover rice so I made these fried rice chip tuiles. You can use them for garnish or eat them as they are (they're delicious on their own). I seasoned mine with some chopped nori, sesame seeds, salt and chili flakes. I like to make rice bowls for lunch usually with just basic sushi rice made with some rice wine vinegar, salt and sugar. Sometimes however I don't finish it all and I need to find creative uses for it or I just end up throwing it away. To make these chips you just need to puree your leftover rice with some water in a blender until it forms a thick paste. Afterwards you need to dehydrate it. In a professional kitchen this can be done easily in a dehydrator but since I don't have one at home and most other people don't there is a solution. Just spread the rice paste onto a plate lined with plastic cling film and pop this into the microwave for 2 minutes or until it forms a pliable piece of paper almost. Once this is done you can fry the chips quickly on each side before removing them from the oil and tossing them in the spice mix. Or just leave them plain, they are just as good!


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