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Salt Roasted Beets

This is a great way to give beets an almost meat like texture and mouth feel. I find cooking them in a salt crust also helps to concentrate the flavour and give the beets a somewhat umami type flavour. Add whatever herbs or seasoning you like to the salt mixture to flavour your beets and once they are cooked feel free to serve them however you like! I decided to slice mine up and serve them with a horseradish creme fraiche and some mixed greens but how you eat them is up to you. I love finding new ways of cooking/ experimenting with ingredients I use all the time and this is such a great technique for cooking beets. Obviously more cost effective the more beets you are doing as you can pretty well fill the pan and the salt will go further (although I used about 50 cents worth of salt in this recipe so, not a huge deal). I also love finding ways to make vegetables into meat substitutes, I find that there are a lot more vegans and vegetarians and I think it’s always good to have an arsenal of techniques up your sleeve for when someone has particular dietary restrictions that need to be catered to.