Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

Super colourful, fresh and vibrant rice paper rolls. The recipe for these rainbow spring rolls isn’t so much a recipe as it is a piecing together of lots of different ingredients. I’m showing you how to make the bright yellow egg strips, crispy tofu and pickled cabbage but you can fill your rolls with whatever […]

Beet Terrine

This beet terrine recipe takes a little while to make and assemble but if you follow the steps correctly it only takes a few ingredients and the results are really stunning. I started off by boiling some beets until tender, peeling them, slicing them using a mandolin though you could easily use a nice sharp […]

Salt Roasted Beets

This is a great way to give beets an almost meat like texture and mouth feel. I find cooking them in a salt crust also helps to concentrate the flavour and give the beets a somewhat umami type flavour. Add whatever herbs or seasoning you like to the salt mixture to flavour your beets and […]