Homemade Marshmallow Recipe

Fresh, homemade marshmallows are soft, fluffy and can be flavoured really however you like. If you have a bit of extra time, these beat the stale store bought marshmallows any day.

Homemade Salted Caramels

Wondering how to make homemade salted caramels? It’s not as complicated as you might think and the results are a super creamy, buttery candies. These caramels are nothing like those awful hard caramels you get at halloween. Soft, flavourful and they don’t stick to your teeth.

Caramel Pecan Banana Bread

I'm showing you how to make this caramel pecan banana bread with caramel toffee sauce. Yes, it really is as delicious as it sounds.

Prosecco Gummy Bears

These gorgeous little prosecco bears are plant based and made with only a few ingredients.

Vegan Lemon Tart

This plant based lemon tart is mad with a bright yellow vegan lemon curd that's set with agar agar and topped with a mixture of berries and raspberry filled white chocolate shells. Substituting agar for gelatine and changing recipes up to make them plant based is a lot easier than you might think. Try your […]

Cherry Blossom Tree Dessert

 Symbolic of the transient nature of life, the emergence of cherry blossoms welcomes a season of renewal and change. This cherry blossom dessert is inspired by the beauty of the sakura season in both Japan and here in Edinburgh where I live.   In springtime the streets and parks near my apartment are lined with […]

Lemon Curd

A recipe for a beautiful bright lemon curd that's perfect for topping desserts and filling tarts. It's a bit time consuming but making lemon curd at home is really easy and definitely worth it flavour wise.

Painted Canvas Cake

When I'm feeling down, I need to look outside of myself for inspiration. Art is a great place to look for ideas for new dishes. This painted canvas cakes is inspired by the art exhibits at the Modern Gallery of Art in Edinburgh.