Beetroot Pasta

Coloured naturally with beets, this hand made pasta dough only uses flour, eggs and pureed beetroot. The beetroot lends a beautiful earthy flavour and of course gorgeous colour.

Beet Sponge Toffee

Crisp and airy sponge toffee with the addition of beet. This beet sponge toffee taste primarily the same as regular sponge toffee but with the added complexity and earthiness of beetroot. The beet juice and powder also add a beautiful colour and make this toffee stunningly pink. This would make a great addition to any […]

Beet Terrine

This beet terrine recipe takes a little while to make and assemble but if you follow the steps correctly it only takes a few ingredients and the results are really stunning. I started off by boiling some beets until tender, peeling them, slicing them using a mandolin though you could easily use a nice sharp […]