Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is a frothy whipped coffee recipe that is believed to have been invented when there was a shortage of milk in Vietnam in the 1940's. Most recipes use eggs yolks and condensed milk but I found that adding sugar gave me better, frothier results. If you are concerned about raw eggs, you can […]

Coffee Caviar

This is a very simple molecular gastronomy technique for making these little espresso bubbles that are great for adding flavour and a different texture to desserts.

Dalgona Coffee

Want to know how to make Dalgona Coffee? Dalgona Coffee is that viral, tik tok whipped coffee using instant coffee granules everyone is going crazy about. I decided to try it out. It's really easy all you need are 3 ingredients: instant coffee granules, sugar and water. To serve, fill a cup with ice, pour […]