Encapsulated Olive Oil

A modernist, molecular gastronomy style technique, originally created by Chef José Andrés, these little bon bons are made by trapping olive oil inside a thin layer or isomalt candy. Difficult and finicky to make but with stunning results. These are hard to keep for service and can't really be stored for long so it is […]

Orange Fluid Gel

Here's a quick and simple recipe for making this beautiful fresh orange fluid gel for plating. Serve this with savoury dishes to give a sweet balance to things like duck or use on or in desserts to elevate or compliment flavours. The texture of the gel is super smooth and the flavour is light and […]

Squid Ink Tuiles

Want to know how to make those super cool squid ink coral/ lace tuiles? They're easier than you might think. All it takes is flour, water, oil and squid ink. That and a little patience to and you'll get this beautiful modernist cuisine style garnish.

Coffee Caviar

This is a very simple molecular gastronomy technique for making these little espresso bubbles that are great for adding flavour and a different texture to desserts.

Cranberry Fluid Gel

This is a recipe for a super simple cranberry fluid gel. Both tart and sweet it pairs perfectly with loads of Christmas and winter desserts as well as with savoury mains like duck and venison. The bright pink colour is natural and super vibrant on any plate.

Crispy Milk Skin Shards

One ingredient and a little time turns what is normally considered an imperfection or a nuisance into something beautiful. I didn't invent this technique, I think Rene Redzepi was the first person to use milk skins in a dish (correct me if I'm wrong though) and I've seen crispy milk on a few dishes in […]

One Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

A Recipe for an Easy, Vegan Chocolate Mousse. All you need is 300 grams of dark chocolate to make this chocolate mousse. That and some elbow grease as you're going to have to whisk for about 5 minutes but it's worth it, trust me. It's a bit of a strange technique but super cool. Keep […]

Coral Lace Tuiles

Super thin, coral tuiles that are great for a crispy plate garnish.